V I S K E R   &   S C R I V E N E R

Visker & Scrivener is a creator and purveyor of fine writing quills, books, and other oddities inspired by times long since past. Our inventory includes dip nib feather quills, artisan paper journals and scrolls for drawing, writing and watercolor, colored and scented inks, and much more…

Our home shop and studio are located in Galveston, Texas (23rd St. @ Market St.) and our 2014 festival schedule includes: Sherwood Forest Faire, Texas Renaissance Festival, and Dickens on the Strand. Find us at our next stop to view our unique wares!

We also have a selection of items for purchase online at the following link: Visker & Scrivener Online Store

*** NOTICE: Our Galveston shop will be closed ***
******** July 10-13, 17-20 & Aug 7-10 ********

For current news and festival schedule: