From a barren Nevada desert to beyond the Arctic Circle, we have helped create many unusual and challenging sculptures only to see them succumb to the forces of nature and disappear. Whether igniting into flames or melting back into a river, temporary sculpture is particularly poignant by design. What is left, though, is worth more than the materials themselves: memories, lessons-learned, alliances, and, of course, a place for new ideas to begin again.

“Freeze Frame” was designed and created as a suite in the 2010 IceHotel in Jukkasjarvi, Sweden. We constructed three ice-framed works of art arranged along curvilinear gallery walls. For this exhibit, each ‘canvas’ was a three-dimensional illuminated shadow-box that would change composition with each viewer’s unique perspective.

We have led, and worked on the team of, several large-scale wooden sculptures which were central features for Burningman, Flipside, and First Night Austin festivals. Each of these sculptures culminated in a spectacular firework display and dynamic burning of the structure. Our involvement in each project varied from lead-design, fabrication, lead-

pyrotechnics, lighting, coordination, logistics, construction and everything in between. We have been privileged to work with some amazing crews!