A R T   C A R S

Art cars have been a passion of mine since I first witnessed the Houston Art Car Parade in 2000. With 250+ entries and over 250,000 spectators, the parade is one of Houston’s most entertaining spectacles.


Over the past ten years with the help of friends bribed with beer, I have created over a dozen art cars, bikes, go carts and scooters. These have ranged from colorful cartoons come-to-life, rolling pterodactyl slugs, a garden of skull-faced flowers, an ice scream hearse, and other oddities in between…


Our cars have taken us on unique adventures across the U.S. from the Chattanooga HATCH Festival in Tennessee to the Burningman Festival in Nevada; Steamboat Springs Beaux Arts Festival in Colorado to the Art Car Parade in Victoria, Texas and many towns along the way.


Art Cars have the unique ability to delight an unsuspecting audience. The world becomes your gallery and smiles, cheers, and waves follow wherever you go.